Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dear Santa.......

Dear Santa,

I have been extra good this year (aside from a couple of unpaid parking tickets). Here are a few things on my wish list:

Alexander Wang Thermal Onesie

Free People Studded Vintage Combat Boots

Free People Anorak

Beth Lauren Wrap Bracelet

Forever 21 Dress

Balmain Boots
Elizabeth and James Knuckle Ring

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

you can't blame the wang

So it's no secret I'm obsessed with Alexander Wang. I don't even have to go into why he's amazing (other than he has designed everything I want to be wearing in the fall, as well as made the tough/cool girl look my favorite). Well, according to WWD, he has now done us all a favor and is making a diffusion line dubbed T by Alexander Wang. It will feature 12 styles, and tanks will vary from $28 wholesale and t-shirt dresses will be around $40 wholesale. His shoe collection will have five styles, each a variation of a platform sandal. The shoes are obviously at a higher price point, but range from $125 to $250 wholesale. Must. Have. It. All. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

all points west musical festival

I am always inspired by street style. Regular people, models especially, and even celebrities off-duty just really get me. Here are some photos of the All Points West music festival:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

erin's place

Erin Wasson is no doubt the coolest person alive. During Fall 2007 fashion week, Nylon as well as Who What Wear did pre and post show interviews with Erin and her pal Alex Wang. During one of the post shows, they show an ecstatic Wasson and Wang, in Erin's apartment, gushing about the amazing show they just put on. From that moment on I've scoured the internet looking for pictures of her amazing place. Theselby.com has now given me those photographs. Thank you Selby!!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

can't wait for fall

So we had our fitting today for the show. It was so fun. We hung out (not really but it kinda felt like it) at the stylist's house/office all day. It made me so excited for fall. The fall trends are great. The same bohemian-with-an-edge look that was popular this summer will return for the fall (thank god!). With the recession upon us, fashion has turned to more of a cheap/chic side. Taking inexpensive basics and making them still feel high-end with designer accessories is what models, stylists and designers have been doing for years; yes, that means we, the American consumer, are just now joining them. Any way, here are some key pieces I will be using for fall. 

Friday, June 27, 2008

new yuppies

The people I have been lucky enough to associate myself with via school and work are what I would call the new yuppies. We're young, urban professionals (okay, that doesn't really work quite yet for me and my schoolmates but we're getting there damn it!) yes, but we're a bit of a different breed.  We still maintain the level success of our predecessors, but we have traded in Evian bottled water for our Brita filter and reusable bottle, to help reduce waste; and, instead of shopping at an expensive store and spending $300+ on one wardrobe piece, we hit up vintage stores, Urban, and American Apparel for basics and then splurge on a Balenciaga bag or Marc Jacobs heels.  I have been very lucky to have spent time around the new yuppies. Most people hate my generation, which really annoys me, but I love us. Sorry if we refuse to settle for less than our parents, or that we watched Mr. Rogers and he drilled into our heads we were special and could do anything we set our minds to; not our fault people. But I digress.....it's a different time. So instead of gazing into the Gen Y (that's right Mrs. Rucker, it's not called Gen Me like you like to say in your passive- aggressive tone) pool and judging, all you former generations hop on in...the water is fine!

An example of the "old" yuppies:

new yuppies

Photo cred: Nylonmag.com

Thursday, June 26, 2008

i have hiccups and a splinter in my hand

I've sort of been M.I.A. on the blogging lately. Sorrrry. I had finals, and the same week a story for the internship due. Then my car was in the shop for like two weeks, so all the free time I had went to trying to figure out how I was going to get from point A to point B and how I was going to save the money to pay for it while having to take cabs to work. Not fun. However, I got my car back today, so I am once again a free, independent woman. Through all of this I have coeme to the realization that I am somewhat of a Carrie Bradshaw, living way beyond my means. If I lived in a city with great transportation, a la NYC or San Fran, I can honestly say I wouldn't have had my car fixed. I would have spent the money I had to spend to get it fixed on a new dress to wear to work, or the perfect burn out tee. Or the oversized Marc by Marc clutch I've been dying for. Either one of those would have given me far more satisfaction than a new freakin' radiator. Ahh oh well, such is life. 

And since I've spent this whole time ranting on about non-fashion related things, I'm going to make up for it by posting some things I've been obsessing over. 

I'm probably going to need both of these outfits from Nicole Richie (or cheap alternatives) pretty soon. Both look so unbelievably comfy, solving the oh-so-common trying to look cute in hot weather dilemma, I can't pass them up. They would be great choices for my Vegas outfits. 

Photo cred: nicolerichiefashion.blogspot.com

Friday, May 30, 2008

an observation

My biggest style inspirations are from what models wear off-duty. I've always wondered how they achieve such a "I-look-this-cool-and-I-don't-even-try" look, and I think I finally figured out how. Most models live in New York, Paris and London, which are the majority of the time, cold-weathered cities.  In cold weather, you can layer like crazy. You want to be warm and cozy, plus in NY you walk everywhere, so you also want to be comfortable. You can't do these things as easily in southern California. The cooler days, sure, but the coldest it gets here is like 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  And there's only so much we can do in denim cutoffs and sundresses. We try though, boy do we try (the few hip of us, fairly successfully). 

Thursday, May 29, 2008

where i wanted to be nursing my hangover today....

This is where I wanted to be today while I was extremely hungover at work. It's the rooftop pool at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills. 

so excited!

I just bought these shoes today from Baker's while I was bored at work. I am sooooo freakin' excited to wear them, when I get them I may even sleep in them!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i will soon be asleep

For the summer months, I am totally wanting to get some Doc boots to wear with dresses, a la Ms. Wasson. When I told Car I wanted some, she laughed and wished me luck.  I just reminded her she can borrow mine in a few years when the girls in Oklahoma decide it's the new thing (love ya Car!). 

Supposed to go see the new Sex and the City movie tonight! Sadly, I don't know if I'll make it. Looming make up work from when I was out of town, plus making the haul to Dimples last night for Jessica's birthday (thank you Malia for rallying me!) have left me with about 5 hours of sleep in the past two days. So I may crash and burn here in a few hours. 
Also, looking for a new part time job (still in school so no need for a full timer yet). I have a possible lead that I would loooooooove to get. Everyone keep those digits crossed!

Monday, May 12, 2008

i hate packing

Today is a random day. I am currently at my internship (sorry guys), waiting on lunch, and my mind is like a bull in a china cabinet. Either way....
Currently wearing: 7 for all mankind Ginger jeans, AA black deep v neck tucked in, and skinny silver braided belt from Urban and vintage wedges that hurt my feet (I've got my intern-errand flats tucked away in my bag for later). 

Currently wanting: Doc Martens to wear with summer dresses. 

So I'm going back home to Oklahoma on Thursday for 3 wedding related events and my sister's high school graduation. Going home is a weird thing as far as fashion goes. No matter where I go, I get looks like I'm the weirdest person they've ever seen (which is probably true).  They think I'm the love child of Keith Richards and some flower child hippie (I wish!), and they're somewhat accurate. Traveling to squaresville for such occasions results in a few conflicts.  First, there's the "I'm-traveling-so-I-need-to-pack-a-few-staples-to-mix-and-match" conflict. No. I simply refuse to do it. I have A.D.D. as it is and my brain can not handle being forced to put together outfits in a neutral palette where the only back-up store is Wal Mart. So I must overpack to enable more outfit options, which results in me paying a fee and my mother lecturing me on wise spending. Then there's the "what-do-I-wear-for-each-occasion" problem.  Like I said, I've got the bachelorette party, which will call for a sexier look, on Friday night.  Saturday afternoon is my sister's graduation party, which will be outside. Saturday night is a "couples' shower," where most girls will go for the designer jeans and "nice top" thing, which is something at this point in my life I refuse to do. Sunday afternoon is the personal shower.  A medium size group of women my age and older giggling as the bride-to-be opens her "personals."  This shower is a retro themed poolside party, and while most people will just wear a sundress (I hope), my fellow hostesses and I have decided to dress according to theme; complete with striped monokini, cloth wedges, giant hat and sunglasses.  Sunday evening is my mother's birthday party. Tuesday night is graduation. This is will be long and hot, sitting in a gym on a seat with no back. Nice. 

So....thanks to countless blog reading, and my lovely bosses at my internship I think I have figured out my outfits (pictures to come).  Normally I don't plan everything out to the t, but I am this time to solve my first packing dilemma......

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

trend: boyfriend jeans

Model Way:
Street Way:

During the spring shows last year, I noticed my new and current obsession, Mr. Alexander Wang, debuting a pair of what has now been labeled by fashion insiders as: Boyfriend Jeans. The look is sloppy yet sexy, while maintaining the ultimate level of comfort (ALWAYS a plus in my book). To achieve the look, one can easily raid your boyfriend/brother/guy-friend's closet, or just find a pair of the loosest fitting jeans you can find with a low waist. Also, boyfriend jeans appear best when worn with a loose, sheer top (see runway photo), such as a sexy version of a  t-shirt, or a button down. 


I'm not quite sure what it is but there's just something about this girl. The sweet dress and hair paired with chain necklaces and makeup that says, "I haven't washed my face in days but I keep reapplying because I just have too many awesome parties to go to" just really does it.