Wednesday, April 23, 2008

trend: boyfriend jeans

Model Way:
Street Way:

During the spring shows last year, I noticed my new and current obsession, Mr. Alexander Wang, debuting a pair of what has now been labeled by fashion insiders as: Boyfriend Jeans. The look is sloppy yet sexy, while maintaining the ultimate level of comfort (ALWAYS a plus in my book). To achieve the look, one can easily raid your boyfriend/brother/guy-friend's closet, or just find a pair of the loosest fitting jeans you can find with a low waist. Also, boyfriend jeans appear best when worn with a loose, sheer top (see runway photo), such as a sexy version of a  t-shirt, or a button down. 


I'm not quite sure what it is but there's just something about this girl. The sweet dress and hair paired with chain necklaces and makeup that says, "I haven't washed my face in days but I keep reapplying because I just have too many awesome parties to go to" just really does it.