Friday, June 27, 2008

new yuppies

The people I have been lucky enough to associate myself with via school and work are what I would call the new yuppies. We're young, urban professionals (okay, that doesn't really work quite yet for me and my schoolmates but we're getting there damn it!) yes, but we're a bit of a different breed.  We still maintain the level success of our predecessors, but we have traded in Evian bottled water for our Brita filter and reusable bottle, to help reduce waste; and, instead of shopping at an expensive store and spending $300+ on one wardrobe piece, we hit up vintage stores, Urban, and American Apparel for basics and then splurge on a Balenciaga bag or Marc Jacobs heels.  I have been very lucky to have spent time around the new yuppies. Most people hate my generation, which really annoys me, but I love us. Sorry if we refuse to settle for less than our parents, or that we watched Mr. Rogers and he drilled into our heads we were special and could do anything we set our minds to; not our fault people. But I's a different time. So instead of gazing into the Gen Y (that's right Mrs. Rucker, it's not called Gen Me like you like to say in your passive- aggressive tone) pool and judging, all you former generations hop on in...the water is fine!

An example of the "old" yuppies:

new yuppies

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