Monday, May 12, 2008

i hate packing

Today is a random day. I am currently at my internship (sorry guys), waiting on lunch, and my mind is like a bull in a china cabinet. Either way....
Currently wearing: 7 for all mankind Ginger jeans, AA black deep v neck tucked in, and skinny silver braided belt from Urban and vintage wedges that hurt my feet (I've got my intern-errand flats tucked away in my bag for later). 

Currently wanting: Doc Martens to wear with summer dresses. 

So I'm going back home to Oklahoma on Thursday for 3 wedding related events and my sister's high school graduation. Going home is a weird thing as far as fashion goes. No matter where I go, I get looks like I'm the weirdest person they've ever seen (which is probably true).  They think I'm the love child of Keith Richards and some flower child hippie (I wish!), and they're somewhat accurate. Traveling to squaresville for such occasions results in a few conflicts.  First, there's the "I'm-traveling-so-I-need-to-pack-a-few-staples-to-mix-and-match" conflict. No. I simply refuse to do it. I have A.D.D. as it is and my brain can not handle being forced to put together outfits in a neutral palette where the only back-up store is Wal Mart. So I must overpack to enable more outfit options, which results in me paying a fee and my mother lecturing me on wise spending. Then there's the "what-do-I-wear-for-each-occasion" problem.  Like I said, I've got the bachelorette party, which will call for a sexier look, on Friday night.  Saturday afternoon is my sister's graduation party, which will be outside. Saturday night is a "couples' shower," where most girls will go for the designer jeans and "nice top" thing, which is something at this point in my life I refuse to do. Sunday afternoon is the personal shower.  A medium size group of women my age and older giggling as the bride-to-be opens her "personals."  This shower is a retro themed poolside party, and while most people will just wear a sundress (I hope), my fellow hostesses and I have decided to dress according to theme; complete with striped monokini, cloth wedges, giant hat and sunglasses.  Sunday evening is my mother's birthday party. Tuesday night is graduation. This is will be long and hot, sitting in a gym on a seat with no back. Nice. 

So....thanks to countless blog reading, and my lovely bosses at my internship I think I have figured out my outfits (pictures to come).  Normally I don't plan everything out to the t, but I am this time to solve my first packing dilemma......

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