Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What to Wear to Your Next Party

Living in Los Angeles has totally opened my eyes to what a real "party" is. Before, my definition of a party would have been something extremely similar to the scene in Dazed and Confused where they have a beer bust down at the moon tower. You only wore heels to your first party, because after that, you learned they sink in the dirt and grass of whatever field you're in. There might have been something in there involving a house that smells like gross, college boy, and a beer pong game lacking a water cup, even though the ball touches a ground that has had more boot-soles on it than a Justin factory. But that, my friends, is not a "party." A party usually involves lots of cool people, some with cool jobs, and some with just cool lives. They all dress differently, but all great. People actually talk. Whatever they talk about is up to them, but it's possible to talk. A party is usually at an interesting venue, with some sort of DJ. There are no kegs or Dixie cups. That being said, dressing for a party can involve a certain amount of pressure to look good. Here are some inspirational photos, taken from various NY Fashion Week parties, to give anyone ideas about what to wear to their next party.
Photo cred: style.com. 

fashion week faves- part 4- alexander wang

Ahhh Alexander Wang. I have loved Alexander Wang since I was first exposed to him during his Spring 07 show. After that, it just kept getting better and better. I'm amazed at what he's been able to do at such a young age. I love this collection because, as he described, the former tough-girl with the messy chic style has to grow up sometime. She needs something to wear to work at her awesome job, or to a more sophisticated occasion. Thankfully, we have it now. 

fashion week faves- part 3- william rast

Not to start off all negatively, but I have sort of a love-hate relationship with William Rast. I hate the fact that the mention of the name reminds me of all the OU girls back home who recently converted from True Religion to William Rast and sport them out every time they have a party to go to or a new club. William Rast flares? Check. Pointy-toe boots and/or stiletto sandals (depending on the weather of course)? Check. Clubby top from bebe or Guess? Check check. Sorry if I offended you girls, but you know it's true. However, I looooove the William Rast runway stuff. It's slightly Balmain's honkey tonk counterpart (I mean that in the most complimentary way possible, JT), and I love it. It's totally wearable, looks completely comfortable, and definitely brings me back to my roots. 

fashion week faves- part 2- zac posen

Zac Posen- a-ma-zing. Thank you Zac Posen for all you've done for us. This collection is a little sophisticate, a little Studio 54, and a helluva lot chic and fabulous. You are truly great. 

fashion week faves- part 1- 3.1 Phillip Lim

3.1 Phillip Lim continues to amaze me. For someone who enjoys a tomboy meets girlie girl vibe, it's a perfect blend. I desperately want to get my hands on these dresses to wear for all the upcoming wedding crap I have to do, because it allows me to look like a feminine, bride-to-be, but still allows me to maintain a certain level of coolness.