Monday, June 30, 2008

can't wait for fall

So we had our fitting today for the show. It was so fun. We hung out (not really but it kinda felt like it) at the stylist's house/office all day. It made me so excited for fall. The fall trends are great. The same bohemian-with-an-edge look that was popular this summer will return for the fall (thank god!). With the recession upon us, fashion has turned to more of a cheap/chic side. Taking inexpensive basics and making them still feel high-end with designer accessories is what models, stylists and designers have been doing for years; yes, that means we, the American consumer, are just now joining them. Any way, here are some key pieces I will be using for fall. 

Friday, June 27, 2008

new yuppies

The people I have been lucky enough to associate myself with via school and work are what I would call the new yuppies. We're young, urban professionals (okay, that doesn't really work quite yet for me and my schoolmates but we're getting there damn it!) yes, but we're a bit of a different breed.  We still maintain the level success of our predecessors, but we have traded in Evian bottled water for our Brita filter and reusable bottle, to help reduce waste; and, instead of shopping at an expensive store and spending $300+ on one wardrobe piece, we hit up vintage stores, Urban, and American Apparel for basics and then splurge on a Balenciaga bag or Marc Jacobs heels.  I have been very lucky to have spent time around the new yuppies. Most people hate my generation, which really annoys me, but I love us. Sorry if we refuse to settle for less than our parents, or that we watched Mr. Rogers and he drilled into our heads we were special and could do anything we set our minds to; not our fault people. But I's a different time. So instead of gazing into the Gen Y (that's right Mrs. Rucker, it's not called Gen Me like you like to say in your passive- aggressive tone) pool and judging, all you former generations hop on in...the water is fine!

An example of the "old" yuppies:

new yuppies

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

i have hiccups and a splinter in my hand

I've sort of been M.I.A. on the blogging lately. Sorrrry. I had finals, and the same week a story for the internship due. Then my car was in the shop for like two weeks, so all the free time I had went to trying to figure out how I was going to get from point A to point B and how I was going to save the money to pay for it while having to take cabs to work. Not fun. However, I got my car back today, so I am once again a free, independent woman. Through all of this I have coeme to the realization that I am somewhat of a Carrie Bradshaw, living way beyond my means. If I lived in a city with great transportation, a la NYC or San Fran, I can honestly say I wouldn't have had my car fixed. I would have spent the money I had to spend to get it fixed on a new dress to wear to work, or the perfect burn out tee. Or the oversized Marc by Marc clutch I've been dying for. Either one of those would have given me far more satisfaction than a new freakin' radiator. Ahh oh well, such is life. 

And since I've spent this whole time ranting on about non-fashion related things, I'm going to make up for it by posting some things I've been obsessing over. 

I'm probably going to need both of these outfits from Nicole Richie (or cheap alternatives) pretty soon. Both look so unbelievably comfy, solving the oh-so-common trying to look cute in hot weather dilemma, I can't pass them up. They would be great choices for my Vegas outfits. 

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