Thursday, March 5, 2009

King Karl does Barbie

Karl Lagerfeld has dressed Barbie and Ken for a new exhibit at Collete, in Paris. He's even made one of the Kens look like him, sans powdered wig. The Barbies will be on display from March 9-28. This is probably the 209,393,482,390,420,394,820,934th reason I want to go to Paris (never been, ever.). For all the lucky guys and gals who are going to Paris for spring break, make sure to go and check these bad boys out!

Elizabeth and James: New Lookbook

The new Elizabeth and James lookbook has been released. It features blow up dinosaurs, baby pools, and more childlike knick knacks. I love Elizabeth and James, and I love their new Spring 2009 collection! As always, the pieces have a touch of vintage, are totally wearable, and can be easily integrated into any existing wardrobe. Find out more here:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Carine vs. Anna




Rumors that Carine Roitfeld is replacing Anna Wintour have resurfaced. If this does end up happening I will be on the first flight to New York, begging on my knees for a job in the Conde' Nast building. It did get me thinking what the American Vogue world will turn to: smoking in the office? Gasp!

Current Inspiration

This is some of my current inspiration-- the colors, the people, etc. etc. My inspirations always change, as most do. I apologize for the craftiness of the board, but I was testing out some photoshop skills.