Friday, August 21, 2009

A Little Non-Fashion Related Post for My Homies....


I've recently noticed some deprivation of one of my favorite things in life: sleep. I love my fiance'. More than words. However, sleeping with him is no fun. I'm not talking about sleeping with him, I'm talking catchin' zees, sawin' logs, etc etc. It's awful. He can not manage to stay on his side of the bed, and the man produces more body heat when he's asleep than anyone I've ever known. I've made it my mission to discover the secret to a good night's sleep without having to get twin beds.

Most people would just chalk this up as a loss and just increase the coffee intake in the morning. But to me, sleep is muy importante'. I live for cozy, cold pillows; I refuse to sleep on anything less than 600 thread count; and every adult bedroom I have had and ever will have, will always be a peaceful blue-grey with white candles. My bedroom is my sanctuary and a peaceful sanctuary equals a fantastic night's sleep. The absence of my favorite peu de luxe (yes, I just mixed Spanish, French and English in the same paragraph. I'm worldly like that.) got me thinking about the little luxuries in life that really make you feel special.

That perfect pair of warm wooly slippers that you wear every time you're feeling down, or a set of floral pj's that feel as soft as the kind you wore as a kid but could look fabulous under a fur coat during a grocery store run....Or even a box of freshly baked cupcakes and a bottle of champagne during a night in....Whatever it may be it's the little luxuries in life that can turn any frown upside down.

So I encourage everyone to every once in a while say "fuck it" and indulge yourself. Buy the expensive pair of jeans that makes your ass look fantastic. Eat that 4th piece of cheesecake.

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