Monday, June 7, 2010

You Can Do It: What I've Been Up To Lately


I've recently decided to take the leap and start my own styling services. It's a little frightening, but very exciting. I just really felt it was time.

This picture reminds me of a conversation my mom and I were having the other day. We were talking about people that are afraid to take chances, whether it be at work or at home. As I'm sure everyone does, I have family members and friends who hold themselves back from being potentially great, because they have been told their whole life, "You can't do that." Their parents, teachers, friends, strangers, etc. have all at some point told them they can't do things. And not in a you're-not-allowed-to-do-that way, but more of a if-you-try-such-a-thing-you-will-fail kind of way.

My mother never told me I couldn't do something. Throughout my life, I have aspired to have a plethora of jobs. In preschool, it was circus performer. Big Top Pee-Wee was my favorite movie at the time and the thought of wearing sequins for a living just really spoke to me. In first grade, it was aerobics instructor. I had stolen my mom's Jane Fonda Workout video and wore the tape completely thin. Later, it was OB/GYN...until I realized that meant not only a lot of science classes, but also working around a lot of hormonal women. So then I immediately changed to attorney and politician. And that stuck for a while...until I ended up in fashion. But through all the changes, I was never discouraged by anyone, and that has made me the person I am today. I never think I can't do something. I might be scared to try it, or think maybe I can't do it right away. But I never think Oh I can't try to do [blank] because I can't do it.

And I think that's a valuable lesson to people: to just go for it. You definitely won't succeed if you don't try. Just do it, and then figure out the details later.


lcoggiola said...

so so so true madison!! i know ive said this a bajillion times, but you are beyond amazing with everything youve done. and i seriously bragged about you soooo much today. PS. i found this awesome quote this morning... it totally fits with your "you can do it" theme:

Anything that I’ve ever done that ended up worthwhile, initially scared me to death. Wether it was walking out on stage for that very first time, or asking a girl to include me in her plans for the future, but you know what, You have to risk everything sometimes or you risk even more. It’s not the challenges we face that define us, it’s the actions we take. - Danny McCrossan -Northern irish Comedian.

love you tons!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you, and feel so lucky to have you as one of my best friends since first grade. You are an amazing stylist, but you are also so much more. You are genuine, caring, and compassionate as well. I am so thankful that you are only a phone call away, and are there when I need you. You will do HUGE things, and you have just begun. I love you Maddyson!

Michelle said...

Just found your cute blog :) Looks like you are doing amazing!! This post makes me want to start doing interior design!!